Love Local Learning

I’ve been playing around with the website today. (Apologies to any close observers made dizzy from seeing all the content and pages jumping about!) Although I had dabbled in blogging many years ago, it was all done in a very basic format back then and this is my first time setting up a full website, so I have had to learn the process anew and I’m still figuring out a lot of things as I go along.

I had been thinking about setting up the website for a long time but that thought wasn’t put into action until I came across a course from my local adult education service earlier this year. I know that plenty of guidance on setting up websites is freely available online but sometimes I just like learning the old-fashioned way, with tutors and fellow students and classroom camaraderie, so as soon as I saw the advert for the ‘Build Your Own Website’ course, I signed up.

Classes took place once a week for five weeks and the teaching was delivered online due to the coronavirus pandemic lockdown. However, although we couldn’t be together, it was still nice to learn alongside other local people in the virtual classroom environment because there is at least a chance that we might cross paths again someday in the real world when the removal of restrictions allows life to go back to ‘normal’.

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a bit of a nerd (I sometimes wonder if I should change my name to Nerdira) and I could probably spend my life as a perennial student, so I’m already itching to get back onto another course. What that will be, I’m not completely sure, but I quite fancy doing something arty in order to expand my creative range as I would like to start adding illustrations to some of my writing.  

Whatever course I end up choosing, I hope that this time it can happen in a real rather than virtual classroom. But even if it ends up being another online course, it won’t really matter. I suspect that Nerdira will be very happy either way.

Peace and blessings,


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