Poem: Celebration Time!

‘Eid day is here!’ the children all cheer
On the sighting of the new moon.
The grownups feel a little bit sad:
‘But Ramadan has left us too soon!’

And then they remember that this special day
Is a time of reward and celebration,
So sad thoughts are all put to one side
As houses buzz with preparation. 

Everyone wakes early to take their baths
And wear their lovely new clothes.
Joy and generosity fill hearts and homes. 
Everything about Eid simply glows!

The ummah* gives praise with each step to prayer,
And hug one another when it ends.
Then they go home to eat their special meals,
And send Eid Mubarak memes to their friends.

And so the day passes with visits and guests.
Eid presents are exchanged with love.
And though tired at the end of the day, they all pray
And give thanks for the gifts from above. 

The story behind the poem

The Qur’an says ‘With difficulty is ease’ (94:6). This applies to many situations in life, including Ramadan. After the challenge of the month comes ease in the form of a great celebration known as Eid-ul-Fitr.

There are many ways the day is celebrated, reflecting the many cultures that make up the diverse, worldwide Muslim population. This poem touches on a few elements common to all.

This is the final poem from the set that I wrote for the local Ramadan guide, and the final in this series now that we are at the end of the month. I hope that you have enjoyed them, and I hope that you have a blessed Eid.

Footnote: *Ummah = the Muslim community.

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