Poem: Hope

That cause you think lost?
That relationship broken beyond repair?
The effort that miserably failed?
The conviction your heart is stone?
Those spaces within that you fear
Will forever be empty?
Those dark times when you fear
You will never again see light?

Know this:
All that has died
Or appears that way,
Can be resurrected
With the help of The Creator


‘You sometimes see the earth lifeless
Yet when We send down water
It stirs and it swells and it
Brings out every kind of joyous growth.
This is because God is the Truth.
He brings the dead back to life.
He has power over everything.”
(Qur'an 22:5-6)

The story behind the poem

I am often inspired by the verses of the Qur’an, Islam’s holy book. This is a poem that came to me when I was reading the translation this Ramadan.

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