Poem: Hunger

Instead of always feeding your body
You should be feeding the other parts of you
They need nourishing too
You need to feed the

Heart hungry for contentment
Mind hungry for knowledge
Spirit hungry for growth
Soul hungry for elevation

Mouth hungry to pray
Back hungry to bow
Knees hungry to bend
Forehead hungry to touch ground

Fingers hungry to create
Hands hungry to write
Voice hungry to sing
Feet hungry to dance

Belly hungry for laughter
Skin hungry for touch
Lips hungry for kiss
Arms hungry for embrace

Besides, you have not been feeding 
Your body or its real needs at all
You have been feeding your feelings
Your sadness anxiety fears and more
And what you have given to your body 
Cannot be called true nourishment
It is devoid of goodness and care
It is self-neglect-harm-punishment

You have fed the wrong thing
In the wrong way for long enough
It is time now for you to feed
All of your needs with love

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