Poem: 42

Forty-two is here
The meaning of life
According to some
(I know the reference
But haven’t read the book)

Forty-two but more
Solar cycles ten-ish days longer
Than soul guiding lunar ones
Placing me somewhere 
Between forty-three and forty-four

Six full regenerations
Of seven-year itches
Trying to escape 
The unwanted self
Find greener grass

Insignificant but not
One year closer to the end
One more gone of lost time
Unreclaimable opportunities
Half-death existence on life row

Insignificant but unignorable
Promise resisting doubt
Filling the morning’s dew drops
With let’s-start-nows
And this-time-next-years

The weight of evidence
From history to trajectory
Casts a shadow for sure
But the sky is blue and the sun bright
Hope steps up for a dance

The story behind the poem

As can probably be guessed, I wrote this piece when I turned 42, so this postscript isn’t here to tell the story behind the poem – it is here to clarify that it isn’t my birthday today. I am just posting it now because this is what was on the slip that I pulled out of the envelope this morning for my Publish Everything Challenge. I am certainly not 42 anymore, either, but no one needs to know just how long ago this was written. No, no. This challenge might be all about the spirit of sharing, but I’ll keep that little detail to myself… 🙂

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